Australia is home. The world is our coach.

Our ambition extends beyond Australia’s shores, to deliver projects in South East Asia, the Pacific islands and Africa, with plans to extend into other markets. This is invaluable for our customers, because by stretching our capabilities into low cost/remote markets (with at times political instability), our local systems are refined, our people gain new knowledge, solve incredible challenges and continually improve the value delivered back home in Australia.

Manufacturing and innovation in Australia is alive and well.

We never saw value in off-shoring. Customers must have flexibility, because project change is a constant, driving our capabilities to accommodate customer needs. And the only way to achieve that and remain competitive, is to invest locally – people, skills, equipment, facilities and key suppliers.

This is how we maintain control over all aspects of your power system project and build IP to innovate more competitive advantages that can only occur in-house as a turnkey solution.

CIRCA 2006

Design and value engineering is how we started, because it’s the most valuable thing customers need.

Starting as two ‘Freds in a shed’ our founders formed PSD Energy in 2005 at Parafield, South Australia. The focus on engineering to deliver immediate value to customers remains with us today. We are convinced listening and aligning with customers is key to our success, with a growth rate of over 50% per year. And our first employees still remain with us today, reflecting how passionate we are with growing our people to enjoy challenges and compete against the best in the world.