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Cultana 275/132kV Substation (IEC61850)

The project involved the upgrade of the entire existing Cultana substation, the substation is an existing brown field substation so the work was undertaken in multiple stages. PSD Energy provided all protection and control panels installed in the PSD Energy supplied portable control room, PSD Energy Implemented an IEC61850 solution for the new Cultana substation.


The project involved:

  • 2 x 275/132kV 200MVA Transformer;
  • 2 x 275kV Line;
  • 2 x 275kV busbar;
  • 2 x 275kV Diameters;
  • 4 x 132kV Line;
  • 2 x 132kV busbar;
  • 2 x 132kV Diameters;