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East Lake 132/11kV Substation

PSD Energy was engaged in a considerable role for the supply and installation of the new indoor substation, specifically manufacturing and factory acceptance testing of the control and protection panels, secondary systems installation and complete site commissioning services of the 132/11kV yard. PSD utilised its in-house manufacturing facility in Pooraka South Australia to manufacture the control and protection panels. A fully integrated factory acceptance test was conducted and witnessed by the client, PSD were responsible for loading the configuration files/settings and SCADA testing to a master station simulator.We were pleased with the technical performance and friendly cooperative attitude of the project team- (Matt Fensom, Zinfra Project Manager).

The major challenges faced during the supply and construction of Eastlake was the accelerated time schedule. PSD were contracted to install the secondary systems and all associated cabling. The PSD Energy site installation crew worked diligently to meet the stringent PC date of late September 2013 so as not to disrupt the neighbouring wetlands animal breeding season.

PSD Energy's final task for Eastlake substation was the pre-commissioning and online testing of the entire site. This came with a number of challenges that were managed efficiently by the PSD Energy onsite testing supervisor. The schedule for practical completion was extremely tight and the team worked around the clock to finalise the commissioning without any unplanned trips or outages.

All aspects of the commissioning were completed on time despite challenging program restrictions and uncertain handover dates with respect to the GIS equipment. The ever changing environment created by late handover of equipment was accommodated professionally and smoothly by PSD Energy, rearranging the schedule of testing to meet the original overall timeframes without any fuss (Matt Fensom, Zinfra Project Manager).

Eastlake substation followed on the back of Civic 132/11kV Zone substation which was a major Brownfield AIS upgrade in the Actew/AGL network. The major capital upgrade project was the first of its kind for quite a number of years. PSD Energy were also engaged in a considerable role as the design and engineering partner for Zinfra, supplier of secondary systems and assistance in onsite commissioning. The project experienced quite a number of challenges with respect to scheduling and design standards but were overcome with analytical thinking and a collaborative approach between PSD Energy, Zinfra and the end client Actew/AGL. We noted an extensive list of lessons learnt from Civic Zone Substation which were transferred across to Eastlake, this made for a smooth design, supply, installation and testing sequence. We managed to avoid a lot of obstacles the second time around (PSD Project Manager).

PSD Energy was pleased to play a considerable role on both Civic and Eastlake Substations and found it extremely satisfying to work alongside the team from Zinfra and Actew/AGL. Another successful project practical completion was achieved where numerous stakeholders united together to achieve a common goal.