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Total Plant Outage (TPO) Works - Ballera Plant

PSD Energy successfully completed all planned works during a major TPO time frame. The first of its kind for the Santos Gas Plant in Ballera, PSD Energy were tasked with completing major maintenance and upgrading critical equipment within the plant. The work included; maintenance services on all 11kV VCB switchboards within two major plant buildings, maintenance on 70% of the 415V ACB’s and the installation and commissioning of a new feeder from the generator switchboard to the motor switchboard.

The limited plant outage window proved to be a near impossible deadline for the work required. However the experienced project management and an outstanding performance from the site installation and commissioning crews allowed for the energisation deadline to be met. Unforseen program challenges and other technical issues were inevitable due to the nature of the project but were overcome through critical thinking by the project team.

PSD Energy are now nearing the completion of all other protection upgrades and plant maintenance work of the 12 month long project.