To be the most competitive, we have mastered specific industries

PSD Energy is relentless with our consumption of knowledge and collaboration to continually improve our industry specific expertise. You get the advantage of the countless hours we spend with leading engineering consultancies, EPCMs and OEMs, along with our own practical insights gained from global projects.

With us, you gain assurance that your solution is completely fit for purpose and fit for performance, factoring in your codes, compliance/regulations, ambition levels and goals.


Every Australian utility sets different standards, which we meet. Our knowledge and experience covers all the standards and how to build to a 100-year operational life.


Power systems need to meet high-performance standards, lasting for the life of the mine. Our value engineering accounts for different market conditions of pricing and demand. With flexibility to make changes during the project.

Greenfield / Brownfield substations

From working with all the major players, we have a complete understanding of electrical, mechanical and construction requirements. Our expertise ensures perfect integration with legacy systems and a guarantee to meet new standards across Australia.


Leverage our sovereign capability to deliver turnkey solutions with local support, talent, skills and manufacturing.


With our value engineering, you gain ‘investable’ design and construction solutions for your specific requirements.

Oil & Gas

We are proud of our proven safety record. Our engineering culture is all about detail, detail, detail. With so many changes in the sector, agility is assured with Australia’s strongest sovereign capability.